Cash register system

Restaurants and other companies in the catering industry use our POS system for order taking, table management, customer and order management and other innovative functions.

Cash register system

WinOrder - Cash register solution for the Gastronomy industry

WinOrder has been the leading solution for the hospitality industry since 1996.


Restaurants and other companies in the catering industry use our POS system for order taking, table management, order and customer management and other innovative functions.

Caller identification and direct receipt of delivery orders or store orders are naturally included. Likewise a cash book and the fulfillment of legal regulations (TSE, tax office, GoBD, GDPdU, KassenSichV & RKSV).

Runs on (almost) any PC

WinOrder + your computer = your cash register

No matter if notebook, desktop, tablet or an all-in-one PC.
Our checkout software WinOrder runs on (almost) every Windows computer.

Network as many cashier stations as you like for simultaneous order taking, as booking computer, as kitchen monitor and for your drivers.All PCs access the database of the main cash register in real time.

This allows you and your employees to work faster. This also pleases your customers!

On request we also offer touch cash registers, printers and other hardware.Talk to us - we are guaranteed to help you.

TSE required by the tax office

Legally compliant & tax office compliant

WinOrder supports the TSE of the manufacturer SwissBit.

Germany: WinOrder fulfills legal requirements according to GoBD, has the prescribed interface for digital audits (GDPdU) and supports the use of a certified TSE according to the Cash Register Security Ordinance.

Austria: fulfillment of the cash register security regulation RKSV in connection with a Fiskaltrust signature creation unit.

Switzerland: here, too, the cash register naturally complies with the legal requirements.

Important interfaces

Generate sales without limits

Our POS system is open and efficient.

For example, you receive orders via your website & store, via your Facebook page or your own restaurant app.  

Of course, orders you receive through your own stores, such as WooCommerce, Shopify, Wix, etc. as well as through portals, such as Lieferando, UberEats, etc. are also easily received and managed with our POS system.

You manage all orders easily and conveniently on one screen

Menus & Drinks

Easily and intuitively publish food and drinks

The good news first - our gastronauts will do it for you! We enter all products - dishes and drinks for you.

Of course, you can always expand and update your products, toppings, side dishes, dressings, images and prices in the backend.

Caller identification

You always know who is on the line

Already at the first ring WinOrder searches for the customer from the database or phone book memory based on the transmitted phone number. 

To order, it is only one click and you can take orders in seconds!

New customers can optionally be found with our telephone and address data import. This is fast and prevents typing errors. 

Tour planning

Route calculation made easy

For delivery services, speed of delivery is very important.

Experienced employees naturally know the delivery area by heart long ago and naturally know the shortest route to all addresses. Even for tours with several intermediate destinations. But what if new drivers have to be trained?

With route planning in your new POS system, your drivers will always find the fastest way to the customer. Plan routes using a map view. This makes it easy to see which orders go well together.

If desired, you can then print the route or send a navigation link directly to the cell phone of the driver responsible.

Restaurant modules

Perfect for gastronomy

With our table planner you deposit your restaurant plan and record all tables easily.

Make it extra easy for your guests and staff:

Dine-in orders can be taken directly at the table using a smartphone, mobile device or tablet. The order is then automatically sent to the main cash register, where it is stored and printed out.


You know how it is: your guests order diligently together, but when it comes to paying, the friendship ends. No problem with our POS system.
Using the
split invoice function, you create a separate invoice for all single payers and specify the desired payment method.


Payment processing

Payment methods, vouchers, DATEV export

Whether credit card or EC card, PayPal or instant bank transfer etc. With our POS system you have all payment methods under control. And of course you can also offer the old-fashioned but still popular payment methods direct debit and on account.

Flexibly print receipts, reports, kitchen receipts and invoices.
When taking orders, you can even print at up to 6 different stations: e.g. food in the kitchen, invoice at the counter, salad at the salad bar or pizzas at the pizza station.

We offer a DATEV export, through which you can transfer all important sales data and also the cash book in DATEV-CSV format to your tax consultant.
If desired, the data can also be automatically emailed to the tax advisor at the end of the month.

So you could even save the daily printout and send everything digitally to your accounting instead. This pleases the tax consultant and also protects the environment and saves paper. 




Customers and sales

Good customer management also leads to more customer loyalty.

Extended customer data, order history and the possibility to call up the customer's last order make your work easier.

We offer a professional and comprehensive customer management for all gastronomic businesses. Starting with the phone number recognition and the optional possibility to match customer data directly with the phone book, WinOrder offers all necessary functions for new customer creation.

The heart of a good POS system is perfect order management.

With WinOrder you have everything under control!

WinOrder is the perfect order management for all gastronomic businesses. Take orders for immediate or later delivery. So that nothing is ever forgotten, WinOrder warns as soon as an order has not been delivered in a certain period of time.